omega 3 brain booster Omega-3 from the Ocean,
for Mind, Heart, and Body

“I have a 7 year old son with behavioral difficulties who is also very fussy about food and smells. We have been giving him Omega-3 Brain Booster in his juice now for about 3 months (he hasn't realized) and have noticed that we are better able to reason with him. He also appears to be calmer and more attentive. It has made a big difference to not only his life but his whole family. Thank you!!”

~ Annette from Sydney, Australia

“As a licensed health care provider, I know the many benefits that Omega-3s offer, but I still had a problem practicing what I preached. I couldn't handle the ‘fish burps’! Omega-3 Brain Booster is terrific because it is odorless and so easy to use. I put it in my breakfast smoothies and never know it's there. Is this stuff magic?”

~ Leslie from Washington

“It is so easy to use. I just put a little into whatever I’m preparing, and my kids don’t know the difference.”

~ Tricia from Minnesota

Omega-3 Fish Oil Powder you can add to juice or food

      • 500mg Omega-3 (DHA + EPA) per serving
      • No fish taste or smell
      • No large fish oil capsule
      • No unpleasant fish burps
      • Convenient delivery system for adults and children

Omega-3 Powder is a highly concentrated fish oil brain booster supplement in a powder form that will provide your family with all the benefits of fish oil Omega-3 DHA and EPA, with 500 mg of pure, unpolluted Omega-3 brain boosting power from the ocean. The neutral flavor of Omega-3 Powder can easily be added, or blended into most foods and juices. Unlike capsules, Omega-3 Powder doesn’t taste like fish, doesn’t smell like fish, and will leave no fishy after-taste.


Not all fish oil and Omega-3 supplements are the same. Most on-line, supermarket and health food store brands are not as concentrated or effective at delivering the essential fatty acids that the human body needs for good brain function and a healthy nervous system. Omega-3 Powder belongs to a family of essential acids found in uncontaminated fish oil which can protect the heart, reduce inflammation and joint pain, promote better skin health and stronger finger nails, treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, relieve depression, boost energy, as well as improve overall brain function.


Omega-3 is the primary component of healthy brain cells. These Omega-3 fatty acids are called, “good fats,” and are essential for proper brain development and brain function, but the human body does not produce Omega-3. In nature, the best source of omega-3 is fish oil, found in fish like mackerel, salmon, anchovies, and sardines. But it’s nearly impossible to consume enough of these items every day to supply your body with the essential fatty acids we need. Studies have shown that diets rich in Omega-3 can result in increased learning ability, problem-solving skills, focus, memory and communication between brain cells.


How can you be sure you are purchasing the right kind of Omega-3 EPA and DHA if you are buying supplements at retail locations like grocery stores, heath-food stores or on-line? Are you confident that you are using pure, Omega-3 fish oil that’s not contaminated with mercury and other pollutants? Just because it says fish oil on the label doesn’t mean that you’re buying the highest quality Omega-3 fish oil that will deliver the essentials your body needs. Omega-3 Brain Booster Powder is pure Omega-3 fish oil in a powder form that can be added to your food without having to change your diet.


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As featured in The Good Mood Diet by Dr. Susan Kleiner, Omega-3 Brain Booster is a vital ingredient in the Original Good Mood Smoothie. Omega-3 Brain Booster is included in the book Power Eating in Kleiner's Essential Muscle-Building Formula.

Omega-3 Brain Booster was featured on News Channel 3. Click Here to read the article for the television segment.




Omega3 Omega-3 all the benefits of fish oil fatty acids benefiting the brain's problem solving skills focus and concentration